GRANDE FOCAL is the fusion of three big passions: hiking, my family and photography.


I have made a life with psychology, I have been working as a clinical psychologist for 17 years, but have always kept the weekends, holidays and vacations to walk the world’s tracks and photographs.

Psychology has allowed me a peculiar understanding of the world, the processes of subjection and subjective construction. But, incredible as it may seem, it is the Urban and Nature landscapes that attract my look to the photographic composition.

The passion for photography was contagious and today, the whole family photographs, wife, daughter, and stepson, engaged together to get the perfect photo. Each one with its idiosyncrasies projected in the photographic art.

I have, and I try to present in this site, a wide photographic repertoire of the Atlantic Forest in the Serra do Mar made by us. Specifically, in the region of Paraná – Brazil, it was more than 20 years of HIking along the most beautiful and impressive tracks of the mountain range.

Absolutely unique mountains, rivers, and forests fill the bulk of this photographic collection. But small fishing boats on the coast, churches in small towns and cities, and my beloved Curitiba, with its 3 million inhabitants forming a sea of contrasts, also present themselves, thus closing a cycle of 42 years of life in Brazil, with 22 years of photography.

In a serious relationship with Switzerland since 2017, I have been hiking through the plains, rivers, millennial cities, castles and especially, but really especially the Swiss lakes, forests, and mountains, I present the photographic compositions of this imaginary paradise.

Whether alone, accompanied by the wife, the daughter, or with the stepson, everybody with the camera on the neck and backpack, we invite you to meet the Great Focal portfolio, click the links and follow our blog.

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Raul Buchi

Psychologist, businessman, walker and passionate about photography. They are 25 years old with the machines hanging in the neck, framing and capturing the most by the landscapes in diverse tracks of the world.

Carine Garcia

Passionate about creativity and whimsy, photographer by inspiration, composer of colors and senses.

Vitória Alves

Rebel and pissed off with limits and dimensionalities, this hiker and climber is disrespecting framing and horizontalities, experimental photographer and Punk by little objection.

Leo Garcia

Beginner photographer, king of the selfies and also the favorite model of Carine Gracia, does anyone read this stuff?